Bookbinding Course with Anachronalia, Leeds

Recently, I had the pleasure of attending Linette’s exceptional bookbinding course. In just a single day, we were able to cover an impressive amount of skills, practical experience, and historical knowledge that felt like a week’s worth of content!

As a beginner to bookbinding and not exactly an experienced crafter, I was simply looking to bind some of my own writings. Linette’s a great teacher, and she made sure her instruction was tailored to the experience level of the group.

Throughout the course, we learned to create three distinct books, including two softcovers and one hardback. Everything we needed was provided, and Linette patiently guided us through the basics before diving into the hands-on activities. The first two books were a breeze to make, and I felt confident enough to create my own at home the very next day.

The hardback book required more effort, but Linette’s step-by-step guidance made the process enjoyable and rewarding. Linette keeps materials in a lot of designs and colours, and everyone was able to select something personal and walk away with a unique creation. We were all delighted with the results. I now feel equipped to tackle making hardbacks at home, albeit with a few additional materials.

What set this course apart was the rich historical background Linette provided on construction techniques. I feel like I’ve gained an understanding of bookbinding’s history, and that then has given me the ability to ‘read’ a book and discern its creation process. This newfound knowledge has made navigating tutorials, websites, and online shops much more easily — I can now confidently ‘talk book.’

I’d wholeheartedly recommend Linette’s bookbinding course to anyone interested in learning the craft. The experience was both practical and enlightening. I couldn’t have asked for a better introduction to the world of bookbinding.

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