iOS4 bluetooth keyboard first impressions

I installed iOS4 yesterday; here are the first impressions of the bluetooth keyboard support. Being able to use a keyboard with the phone, without jailbreaking, is absolutely great. The phone starts to become a really viable writing platform; for blog posts, mail, and fiction. I’ve got one of the old foldable keyboards originally designed for a Palm, and it folds down to the size of a paperback book. This makes it really easy to write while on the move.

Of course, this makes it even more important to have a decent editor. I’m still going for Simplenote, which uses syncing with the cloud, but I’ve got a terrible urge to write some kind of subversion integration so that I have all my writing in the same source-controlled location.

As yet there are still some issues; for instance, the bluetooth keyboard means that the on-screen keyboard doesn’t need to be on-screen, but the wordpress app still reserves space for it.