Google voice search on iPhone

Good lord. I have just discovered that Google’s ‘Google Mobile’ application on the iPhone has voice search. Go to the search page and bring the phone to your ear. The accelerometer tells the app to start listening. Then just speak your search, and away it goes. I’ve done a half-dozen searches and it has been spot on every time.

The future really is with us, my friends. Just to prove it to myself, I held the device up to my mouth and asked it for information on ‘transparent aluminium.’ It worked. I am Scotty, and the idea of accessing the databanks with a mouse and keyboard are starting to seem a little quaint.


One response to “Google voice search on iPhone”

  1. My favorite use for my iPhone is really to plug it into the car charger and a mini-RCA cable into the aux in on my car stereo and play Pandora during car trips. The app is integrated so well – when you receive a call it automatically pauses, then resumes when the call completes. Its just amazing that I get a good enough cell signal for very long car trips to even do that.

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