podcast recommendation; The Intercontinental

Pop yourself over to [The Intercontinental](http://www.jessekaminsky.com/intercontinental/) to hear an amazing mix of music from around the world.

This isn’t ‘World Music,’ not some terrible folk music. It’s a vast array of different styles from around the world — hip hop, prog rock, surf rock, whatever — stuff you don’t usually hear just because it’s not in your language. The [playlists](http://www.jessekaminsky.com/intercontinental/playlists/) mention;

* Moroccan hip hop
* North African, international flutes and more Cambodian music
* French Psychedelic
* Ethiopian synths
* Burkina Electric
* Korean psych guitar
* Yugoslavian Mariachi (Meksikanski)

Anyway, it’s a weekly show, about two hours, and it’s available [as a feed](http://feeds.feedburner.com/TheIntercontinental). Download it, love it.


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