My story, “No Tomorrows,” now available on Pseudopod

Dear all,

Can I invite you to listen to a story?

A short while ago, I sold my horror story, No Tomorrows, to Pseudopod. Pseudopod, for those of you who don’t know, is the world’s most popular horror podcast. A podcast, for those of you who don’t know, is an audio magazine dishing up weekly MP3s that you can listen to on your iPod or PC.

Anyway, it went live today, and is narrated by the rather Excellent Alasdair Stuart. It clocks in at about 24 minutes.

There are several ways you can get the story;

– You can [listen to the file]( in your web browser.
– You can [download the MP3](, and play it on your PC.
– If you have iTunes, you can [subscribe to the weekly show](itpc://

Anyway, enjoy!


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