It’s all text! — Firefox Add-on.

I’ve just discovered [‘It’s all text!’][iat], a firefox add-on
that makes it easier to edit text on the web.

It’s a pretty simple idea; any textareas (those boxes used for
composing email, writing forum posts, editing wikis, etc) get a little

It’s All Text Screenshot.

click the button and it’ll let you edit the same text in a
[proper text editor][st]. When you save the file or close the editor,
it copies all the text back into the web page.


All of this means it’s a lot easier to edit text on the web;
especially useful for emails and, well, blog posts. 😉


2 responses to “It’s all text! — Firefox Add-on.”

  1. Ooh gosh, that’s really good. Now I can use vi to edit posts, just
    like I do for other stuff I write. Hurrah!

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