Human-skin book for sale this sunday in Doncaster

[Wilkinson’s Auctioneers](, in Doncaster, are selling a [book bound in human skin]() this sunday;

> **Lot 181**
> A Rare & Macabre Early 17th Century Anthropodermic Bound Book in carrying box. The book entitiled; ‘A True and Perfect Relation of The Whole Proceedings against the Late most barbarous Traitors, Garnet a Jesuit and his Confederats’; Printed London 1606 by Robert Barker, printer to the King and believed to be bound in human skin, possibly that of the aforementioned Jesuit Priest; Father Henry Garnet. The box having a rectangular handle to the centre with the corners having clusters of brass stud flowers, and the front having an iron clasp and lockplate, 11 ins x 7½ ins x 5 ins (28 cms x 19 cms x 13 cms).

Just in case.


2 responses to “Human-skin book for sale this sunday in Doncaster”

  1. Holy Shit. Henry Garnett is an ancester of mine.

    Although it also makes me think that this = a lie. Mum and Grandma researched into this, and somewhere at home I have a book about him. He heard the confessions of the Gunpowder plotters and was hung, drawn, and quartered for not telling anyone.

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