Time Mismanagement

I was watching this [Merlin Mann video](http://www.43folders.com/2007/10/08/merlin-ideo-talk) earlier today and it reminded me of some thoughts I was having on time management.

So, as some background; I am a time management skills pervert. I am outing myself. I love geeky little systems and toys, programs, stationary, anything that claims to help me become both _effective_ and _efficient_, as the old nonsense goes.

Problem is, I’m not very good at it. And my worst problem is ironic; I spend more time playing with time management gizmos than I gain back in efficiency.

Yep, I’ll spend weeks writing a computer program to help me be efficient, then gain days from using it. Then I’ll get bored and realise that, no, paper-based is the way to go. So I spend hard-earned work money on a filofax so I can be more efficient at work. And you know what? That’s not perfect either. So I move to Outlook, and spend hours investigating addons that’ll make me more efficient. And then I don’t use them.

There. I said it. One of my greatest problems with time management is time management. Maybe I should spend time reading productivity blogs, like [43 folders](http://www.43folders.com). That’ll help.


One response to “Time Mismanagement”

  1. I am wise in all things to do with productivity management. My tip of the week is that if, hypothetically speaking, one was to go to all the trouble of setting oneself up an entire 43 folder filing system, one should make sure that there will actually be enough room in the drawer to fit things into said folders.

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