My Motorcycle Accident

**exciting stuntman stuff**

So, I took a spill on Monday. I was off to Monk’s Cross to get some groceries, and the night was cold and wet, and as I slowed to approach a roundabout my back wheel slipped away. I skidded down onto my left side, and the bike slid out ahead of me. I was alright and in one piece, but instantly smashed out of my brains on adrenaline. Some people stopped to help, and I remember being about the most polite I’ve ever been. A lady out walking her dogs let me put the remains of the bike in her driveway and drove me home. I talked to the police, but unless there’s a serious injury or debris, they don’t really need to know.

**less frenetic, limping stuff**

I now have a massive bruise on my left hip, and am a bit limpy. I heard today from the garage that has my bike that it’s probably a writeoff. If so, I’m going to take the money and buy a car, I think.

Lesson for the day; motorcycles aren’t the ideal form of transport in wet, possibly verging-on-icy roads.

**Memories from better times**

![Steve’s Suzuki Bandit 600s](


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