Secret Santa 2006

Once again I’m running Secret Commie Santa. It’s open to the York crowd, and thanks to Internet Shopping, anyone around the country that knows them.

Why would you want to be involved?

It makes your christmas shopping very, very easy.

The idea is simple. We enter into a pact to buy each other pressies. Everyone gets a present of about the same value, even though people can afford to contribute different amounts. That’s the magic of Secret Commie Santa.

1. Join the Pact by sending an email to steve

/a t/


/d o t/

.org. Livejournal comments ain’t good enough!

2. Tot up the amount you would normally spend on presents for everyone in the Pact. Tell me how much that is. We put all that money into a pot, and then share it out equally.

3. I choose you a person I think you’d enjoy buying a present for, and act as a double-blind for questions, suggestions, and wishlists.

4. You deliver your presents to me. If you contributed over the average into the pot, I’ll take the difference. If you contributed under the average, I’ll give you some cash to make up the difference. Equal Presents for All!

5. With the help of my Magic Elves, I’ll deliver the presents out in time for Christmas.

This year, since Santa has no sleigh, he’ll need to find some Magic Elves to help with the deliveries. Apply now for extra Christmas Kudos.


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