[york] Secret Commie Santa III

Hi, all. Well, it’s early, but before any of you start buying presents…

Once again, I’ll be arranging a Secret Commie Santa. It’s a great way to get everyone in the York gang (and those crazies who have temporarily moved away) a really funky present for not much money.

The way it works is like this;

  • THE LIST! I gather a list of everyone who’s interested, and distribute the list of names out. If you’re in, you decide how much you’d like to contribute to the pot.
  • THE NAMES! I pick a name for each person to buy a present for.
  • THE SUGGESTIONS! Everyone gives me suggestions for presents.
  • THE MONEY! The pot is split equally, and everyone buys a present costing about that amount.
  • THE SLEIGHRIDE! Everyone brings their present to me, and I get them distributed before christmas to the right person.

This is our third time round; both previous attempts worked fantastically well. The pot ended up around £40-45 per person, and so everyone got a really funky present from the group. Verily, all was joyous and happy.

So; just send me an email (santa3@stevecooper.org) telling me you’re in.

Do it now.



One response to “[york] Secret Commie Santa III”

  1. Cute icon!
    I wholeheartedly endorse Secret Commie Santa – I got stonking presents last year and the year before, and because of the non-random assignments and present suggestions I had a good idea of what my nominee would like.

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