George RR Martin, Leeds Borders, 19th Oct, 1pm

For all you fantasy fiends out there, George RR Martin will be talking
about his fourth book in the Game of Thrones… thingy in Leeds
Borders on 19th october. It’s a 1pm start, so maybe if you work in
Leeds or something, you can get yourself over there.

10 thoughts on “George RR Martin, Leeds Borders, 19th Oct, 1pm

  1. OMG. I *want* to be there – I hope I can! Does one need to buy tickets, I know I did when I went to the Jasper Fforde thing, but that was in Waterstones.

  2. I think it’s just not right to just spoil his few, and not very passionate, British readers instead of doing a European tour and coming here as well. That sucks big time! 😉

    • They wouldn’t have a clue, just bitch and complain about something they can’t change – unless they happen to read responses from the readers on websites or work for the publisher. Not that I do ;-), so you are right for childing me. I knew some people were waiting for the next installment, but either didn’t know or happily forgot that you were one of them.

  3. This… is oddly depressing. I can’t think of a single person whose opinions on reading materiel I respect who doesn’t think he’s great… Except myself. I’m starting to wonder if it means there’s something wrong with me 😦

    • It *does* take a long while to get going, and there are a *few* things that can get quite irritating, but other things he does please me enough to over look that.

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