Hi, All. I’m looking for some opinions on my new webiste design; anyone fancies casting an expert eye over it?

Particularly, what do people think about the visual design? navigation, colours, images, &c.

Mindfire Software

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4 responses to “”

  1. Imediate impressions: it looks more welcoming and inviting, but the ‘cutting-edge writing software’ (?) is very difficult to read. Can you embolden the font? or choose another?
    I like the images you’ve chosen, they enliven the site, but you could perhaps use a little more in the way of stuff down the sides to frame your Ariadne diagram, which looks a little lost floating in the middle.
    Also, for a front page its a bit writing heavy, and particularly as you’re using a gray/blue on white colour scheme this increases the impression that the content is kinda floating, and a little stark. I like the colour scheme, but it might help to have a bit more in the way of images, or if you made your menu a bit bigger (even just increasing font size). Or maybe just extending the vertical line you have beside your menu so that it continues to the bottom of the page.
    Having said that, it definately looks more like a writer’s site, now, and less like a site about computer software – hence I think it will be more inviting to aspiring authors like me :o)

  2. First thing the eye sees is the top left hand of the page, and there’s nothing there! It looks very blank. Lots of white space is good, but perhaps not so much and not in that place.
    Logo – tagline is very hard to read, text too thin and grey not a good colour for visibility of thin text.
    Side navbar text a bit on the small side too IMO.
    Otherwise, I like ๐Ÿ™‚ Trust me, my critiques usually run to pages and pages ๐Ÿ™‚

    • Trust me, my critiques usually run to pages and pages ๐Ÿ™‚
      Oh yes!
      I like it. The only changes I might make are similar to ‘s. Text size on the nav bar could be a little larger. To try and put a figure on it, then I’d have it between where it is now and a single Firefox increase (Ctrl+NumPad+). A bit too much text on the front page. Don’t mind the white space top-left, but wouldn’t object to having something there. the pencil sharpening logo looks odd to me, I think the pencil looks a bit too sharp, given the text and slightly out of focus sharpening. I guess I’m down to really picky stuff!
      Generally though, I like it.

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