Voting; and hoping the EU elections fix stupid capitals.

I have voted. I won’t tell you who. Suffice to say I went home and celebrated with a banana french fancy.

Anyhoo. Almost everywhere has stupid capital cities. Capetown isn’t the capital of South Africa. Neither Zurich nor Geneva are the capital of Switzerland. Istanbul isn’t the capital of Turkey. Brazil’s not Rio, neither Syndney or Melbourne are the capital of Australia. And Holland has two capitals.

That is all.


2 thoughts on “Voting; and hoping the EU elections fix stupid capitals.

  1. Apparently, Canberra only came into being because it was impossible to decide between Melbourne and Sydney for the capital of Australia. I assume that is why it has its own territory and is not part of NSW or Victoria.

  2. Yep. Purportedly, they drew a line on the map between the two, found the midpoint, and put it there, Then moved it 300 yards because it was a tiny bit closer to one than the other. Quality.
    So, quick trivia quiz: what do Canberra, Brasilia and Mexico City have in common?

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