Riffing on websites

So, I’m thinking a bit more about web sites – about ways to put together a site that just does everything that an organisation wants to deal with. I’m using ‘organisation’ as a general term because it applies generally to gaming groups, businesses, and really any community you can think of.

I figure there are these basic needs;

* A group of people can create a public website that doesn’t look too shabby.
* People can choose to add blogs or a similar dated-post system, with comments
* People can share files like manuals and software downloads, probably treating images specially.
* People can start discussions, like forum threads, and again get into discussions
* There’s a private website sitting alongside the public one.

That’s pretty much do me. So just some kind of CMS / blog / forum / gallery / server technology.

Oh, and I want it really simple. And integrated. Cooked together is the feeling I’m looking for, the way the ingredients of a stew taste better because they’ve all cooked in each other’s juices for a hours.


4 responses to “Riffing on websites”

  1. Drupal is indeed very good – and can be accessible too.
    There are quite a few groupware packages available, and some free ones on sourceforge… you’d have to make yours quite different to be marketable. Or are you not thinking of selling it?
    Jon – the guy from Creative, Ink!

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