Do you want to buy it?

It occurs to me that I’ve not been very forthcoming in explaining to people how they can actually get a hold of a copy of Ariadne. For a mere £15, you can get your own copy. Head over to annd click on the ‘Buy Ariadne Now!’ button. Alternately, you can pick up a copy in Travelling Man, York.


6 responses to “Do you want to buy it?”

    • Good question!
      1. Ariadne’s particularly designed for storytellers. It deals with characters, locations, events, etc as it’s primary builiding blocks. As the program develops, it’s going to offer an awful lot of support to the writing process. Visio, by contrast, doesn’t care whether your diagram is a story or a recipe for making pancakes.
      2. The diagrams are much quicker to put together in Ariadne. The diagram actually lays itself out – as you add, edit, and remove events, the diagram reflows to provide the clearest picture possible. That means you spend more time detailing events, and less time dealing with formatting overhead.
      3. At this point, it’s possible to influence Ariadne’s progress – if there are particular methods of working you’d like to see, you can suggest them to me and I’ll do my best to give you something that really does what you need. Affecting Visio’s development is much, much trickier 😉
      4. Lastly, there’s price to consider. Microsoft price Visio at £169, whereas Ariadne is only £15. I’ve put this last, though, because I really don’t think it’s so important. If Visio does what you need, then I don’t think you should buy Ariadne. It’s my job to make sure that it does do what you want, though.
      Let me know if you have any other questions. And thanks for the interest!

      • Just trying to get my head around the concept, which I’ll blame on your product being revolutionary rather than me being thick…
        Do I create a sequence of entries based upon the story-line, then by assigning those entries locational, character or time tags check my story line.
        Or can I create a series of entries for each character against a timeline and generate a story-line that way?

      • If you buy version 1.0, you get updates all the way up to version 1.999… Each new version will cost, but there will probably be a discount for people with the last version. But I’m getting way ahead of myself there and I can’t promise anything…
        However, for version 1 there will probably be some fairly big additions as we go through 1.1, 1.2, etc; it won’t be just bug fixes, but will also be additional features. For example, in a forthcoming release, we’ll have the ability to use color and images to make your diagram prettier and more communicative.

      • It’s the first way you describe. You create a map of your events, and then you drag-and-drop characters, locations and times to create associations.

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