It’s finally burned

I’ve finished the build of the software for Neil Gaiman, and I’ll be sending it off monday morning. Great big thanks to everyone who’s had a go, including but not limited to: , , eddie777, for documentation and testing, ravenlas, roninstorm, eequinch, James, Andy and Derek for testing, WoOdy for producing my CD covers, Tom for suggesting a funky security algorithm, failmaster for some excellent business advice, and everyone else who offered to help but I couldn’t find a job for. It’s been emotional.

I’ll let you all know how it goes. But despite what may or may not happen with NG, I have to say two things;

First, I’m incredibly lucky to have friends like this. I’ve been astounded, frankly, by the willingness to help, and the quality of that help. Marvellous.

Second, my enthusiasm for the project, previously grinding to a halt after a long year with few solid successes, has enjoyed a tremendous boost, both from an actual author who thought it worth looking at, and from my friends who saw something worth supporting.

Thanks, everyone, for all the help and encouragement. It means a lot.


5 responses to “It’s finally burned”

  1. You’re more than welcome – I’m enjoying this immensely! And it means I get software from you that I’ll be using (once I’ve done more documentation), so I’ll be able to keep on giving you feedback on it and let you know what ‘essential’ features I Just Must Have Now!!! or somesuch. *grin*
    I’m *very* impressed with how much you’ve got done over this past week. Go you! *shakes pompoms*
    And I’ve always known that if any of us need our friends, they’ll come through as best they can. It’s amazing to see it in action! We know wonderful people. *happy glow*

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