The power of the Hivemind

Wow. today’s been mad. And it’s taught me something. But I’m not quite sure what yet…

So far today, I’ve got myself a new website admin (Chris K), a set of early-beta testers (Paul Tucker, Paul Marshall, Jerry), a load of late-beta testers (rosie, ellen, ) a production guy (woody), possibly a logo designer, I’ve become a paypal online merchant, got a forum for my testers, and … well. I’ve forgotten everything I’ve done today.

But I beheld the power of the hivemind. And verily, I wondered with great admiration.

Thanks, everyone.


3 responses to “The power of the Hivemind”

  1. This all sounds really cool, and I’d love to help out in some way, but I don’t think I can – I don’t really have access to a windows machine, I don’t know anything about windows programming, the only licencing issues I know anything at all about are open-source ones, I know very little about setting up limited companies, and I don’t have sufficient designy skills to help with the logo or packaging.
    But if you can think of some way I might be able to help, then please let me know. And I hope everything goes splendidly.

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