Ariadne Timetable

For all those helping with the Ariadne project, I thought I’d lay out my timetable to show the full plan of next week’s development. This might help people co-ordinate the bits they’re doing for me.

Monday 24th:

* Send out download instructions to early beta testers (done)
* Send out DVD case design to woody (done)
* Brief Ellen and Ed for documentation (done)
* Read Paypal’s guide to services (done)

Tuesday 25th:

* Buy CD Sticky Labels, 100-cd ham from PC World
* Make decision on buying a logo.
* Get CD to Derek

Wednesday 26th: (off work; full development day)


* solid development, bug fixing from early beta


* Get CD to James
* Review documentation so far; suggest changes

Thurdsay 27th;

* Print CD Sticky labels at work
* Remind people of ‘testing party’ on sunday

Friday 28th

* 2nd review of documentation; comments or freeze
* Collect DVD cases from Woody

Saturday 29th

Sunday 30th

* 1200: ‘testing party’ – people bring laptops and some serious-ass testing is done.
* Stuff DVD inlays into cases, press CD sticky labels onto blank CDs
* Integrate documentation into on-line help
* Burn ‘NG edition’ cd rom

Monday 31st

* Fed-ex parcel to Neil Gaiman.
* Open paypal shop.

Tuesday 1st Feb

* Send copies of Ariadne to everyone who’s helped.

Apologies to anyone if I’m not timely in responding to emails. This may happen quite a bit.


3 responses to “Ariadne Timetable”

  1. Willing to help with testing – but would have to be sent copy by post or email so a little more hassle than it’s worth I fear. Hope it all goes well! 🙂 If I wasn’t in such a terrible state of mind I’d offer to do design work, and would really love to, but am feeling so low I might not get things done and that would be worse than not offering at all. So much support and well-wishing, and apologies than I can’t assist any more.

  2. Are there any plans for (eg) a 30-day trial version or some other trial? I’d really like to have a go with it before I decide whether to buy, and I would think that many other people feel the same.

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