Buy Neil Gaiman’s books.

He’s a lovely man, and he doesn’t use a mac. I’m so goddamned relieved.

I’ll be fed-exing him a copy of Ariadne within a week or two. Which means I really ought to write a bit more of it…

9 responses to “Buy Neil Gaiman’s books.”

  1. OMG – true? (Oh dear, I’m catching Katie desease – which is no bad thing really, there should be more boundless enthusiasm in teh world).
    NG is a trully cool bloke, from everything I know. I admire him intensely, thogh I have read relatively very little of his (though I saw Neverwhere when it first came out praise be).
    You really sending him Ariadne, dood?

  2. That is _such_ good news. You do realise that this makes you a Proper Person, right? No pressure…
    Most writers that I know seem to fear Macs. Mind you some of them also back away muttering something about the devil when they see PDAs, so go figure…

    • A Proper Person? Wow! It’s kinda scary. Kinda freaky, too. But oh so very good.
      No pressure? As the bard said; “Yeah, right.” ๐Ÿ˜‰

    • I have an iMac. And an iPod. And a Handspring Visor PDA. And I write, though not as much as I should, and I’m not a published writer. I do know a ‘proper writer’ who works on a PowerBook. ๐Ÿ˜‰
      My dad, on the other hand, has been writing for *cough* years, and he calls me up to ask me how to save things from floppy onto a hard drive, and gets ‘Windows’ and ‘Word’ mixed up, and hates computers with a passion, but loves his manual typewriter. Go figure! *grin*

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