New Life for my Blog

This is the start of a new blog for me. First, if you’re reading on LJ, this blog is now available at If you’re reading it on my website, it’s also on livejournal.

So, what’s the new blog about? Well, I hope to cover some ideas about the way we deal with large amounts of interrelated information, about the way we write and about the way we reason.

As you may know, I’m putting together a computer program for writers. But it’s important to me to figure out how normal people (not computer types like me) go about organising their information, how they use writing as a tool for thinking, and how they integrate, say, their research, their own documents, their private notes, and whatever else they use. Then, my idea is to create a program to help them do all that in such a way that the computer can show a picture of how all these things relate.

Anyway, on with the blog…


7 responses to “New Life for my Blog”

  1. rss critique

    Cannot tell how many comments there are on a specific post.
    No link to the LJ copy that has the older posts in it.
    It looks very pretty and is nicely integrated into the rest of your site.
    I cannot see an icon against the posts. So if you use different icons I will not see them.
    The nasty hack in the XSLT offends me.

      • Re: rss critique
        I mean as far as the RSS version of your site is concerned there are only 20 posts on you blog and no way of telling if there are more at all. A fix would be some sort of archive link or a link to the LJ version of you blog that has the extra functionality.

      • Re: rss critique
        There’s now a link at the top and bottom of the page called ‘(livejournal & archive)’, which brings you back to LJ and it’s options.
        Can you think of anything better?

      • Re: rss critique
        That does the trick. How about doing it using a suckerfish frop down list? You could also rotate a series of pictures of yourself in the top left!

      • Re: rss critique
        If only I had enough content for multilevel menus. And I only have one picture of myself (though I’ve just updated the level of beard-ginger).
        And LJ produces bad HTML! grrrr…

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