LARP ideas and theory.

Hi, All. This is an invitation to join a new list for discussing LARP ideas and theories.

Here is my idea; I want to share ideas about LARPing, about what you can do with the medium, about how to write fantastic games that are very powerful experiences. I’m interested in some specific subjects, but the list is going to be open to everyone to discuss quality LARPing.

Some example topics I’d like to cover include;

* Stealing techniques from actors, screenwriters, costumiers, and effects people.
* Scandinavian-style LRP
* Creating player-led games
* Immersion in LRP
* Theories of System design
* LRP as a form of art
* Improvisation in LRP
* LRP as a creative outlet
* Systemless and freeform LRP
* Plot-seeding in large games
* LRP and storytelling
* Running high-quality small games (<50 players)

If you're interested, please give me a shout with your email address and I'll get you on to the list.



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