In the name of beverage science!

After Spence commented on tea, I felt it was necessary to perform some experiments…

In order to extend our knowledge of the Fine Drink, I attempted something this morning that I believe is a world’s first.

The worlds first Capputeano.

I will share with you all…

First, get an espresso machine, and add tea to the attachment that usually holds coffee beans. I find that three ripped-up tea bags fills it up. Then, make tea concentrate in the same way you’d make your espresso. I like to call this ‘teaspresso’. The resulting teaspresso should have a good crema – the light-coloured foam you get on the top of a proper espresso. If it is anything like coffee, this should be a mix of strongly brewed tea and emulsified tea oils. Mmmm! Then, fire up the milk steamer and steam yourself some foamed milk. Add the teaspresso. Voila! one capputeano.

If you are feeling adventurous you could add a second shot of teaspresso, and maybe sugar, to counteract some of the bitterness of six teabags worth of tea concentrate. I also hope that a finer grind of tea would give better teaspresso. I also susprect that an ice-blended version would be magical on a hot summer day.

Expect it in Starbucks from early autumn. But remember you saw it here first.



6 responses to “In the name of beverage science!”

  1. So using the 1 teabag is equal to one and a half cups of tea. One capputeano is 9 cups of tea! I thought I had noticed you being a bit more excitable than normal .

    • Just had a teaspresso with sugar. A little bit bitter with just a spoonful of sugar, but still good.
      But Christ, I’m starting to get the shakes. I think I’ve discovered a completely un-bannable amphetamine substitute. It’s better than red bull, I’ll tell you that much.

  2. Oh dear. And me with an espresso machine sitting on my countertop. No milk at the moment, but today is grocery shopping day.
    I will report back once I’ve tried it out and returned from the moon. 😛

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