109 pages…

Wow. I went through my hard drive and all over the web, grabbing pits and pieces that I’ve written over the years and throwing them all into a single big source file, for my role-playing book. It’s now a whopping 109 pages, although none of the pieces really form any kind of coherent whole, either in style terms or in structure terms. However, what is important is that it’s a great deal of ideas, some kind of structure, and it’s a very strong indication that I can actually write enough to fill a book.

I’ve got quite a few offers of help from various people – gothgrr for editing, cthonicmin for reading and commenting, and a few other (worthless non-LJing) people have offered to read through. I should also be getting copies of several huge essays that I wrote while very, very bored programming in Guildford, which should bump the page count up even higher, maybe to 130 or 140 pages of A4. That, and I’ve bought a new book on Improv that should feed very nicely into the whole subject, and give me loads of new inspiration.

Now, I have been accused in the past of being a bit fickle, but writing about this subject is something I’ve done a lot of, and enjoyed, for several years. If there are a few things I can stick at, it’s droning on about role-playing, pissing about on computers, and eating cheese sandwiches. Ask me to do those things and I’m constant as the north star.

At the moment I’ve got a nice blend of feelings – there’s a comfortable sense of ‘I know this stuff’, and enough new stuff to interest me to learn more. Lots of new stuff to read, lots of old stuff to incorporate. Generally, stuff rocks at the moment.



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