Summer Solstace

Just back from an all-nighter, watching the sun come up on the solstace on the beach at Lindisfarne with, among others, cfw, clotilde, and smorgasbord. Am now barely holding it together, because I’ve only had an hour’s sleep. I apologise in advance for what may spew forth.

The solstace seems like a good, solid holiday to celebrate to me. Being a confirmed atheist, and thus robbed of almost every other significant holiday, it’s nice to have something natural to celebrate.

We started the evening by celebrating greynolds‘s birthday. At the pub he revealed that, like every man, he has his price. For five million pounds, he would let his bollocks be bitten off my a horse. Which is eminently fair, I think. Five million is a lot of money.

We crossed the causeway onto the island around three, after a two and a half hour drive. We wandered over the beach until the light began to strengthen. Although there was a little cloud on the horizon, it was not long after four-thirty when the sun peeked out. As it did, everyone was quiet. It was one of those great moments where everyone is perfectly silent and yet there’s still a feeling of deep communion.

After the sunrise, we tried to cook a breakfast barbeque like a bunch of hungry clowns. You’d never think it would be so difficult for half a dozen people to light two disposable barbeques, but there were elements of slapstick…

We were off the island by six, and back in york soon after. And now I’m up again, posting to my live journal…


9 responses to “Summer Solstace”

  1. Five million is a lot of money.
    I fervently hope never to want five million quid that badly, although I might be willing to let Greg go through said experience in return for me getting five million.
    I’d probably even let him have a couple of hundred thousand quid of the proceeds, which I think is pretty generous of me, all things considered.
    Actually, now that I think about it, there’re a few people I know for whom I could probably be haggled down to ten quid or so.

    • although I might be willing to let Greg go through said experience in return for me getting five million.
      No no, the five million’s mine. I do, after all, feel that I have a legitimate personal interest in the testicles in question.

  2. So, you wouldn’t do it for five million? Just consider for a moment. With the right investment, five million would give you hundreds of thousands of pounds every year. That’ll by a lot of solace, if you ask me.
    In the grand scheme of things, a pair of bollocks is not such an important thing, is it? It’s not like they’re a particular rarity in the world…
    So the question is, what’s the most amount of instantaneous pain and horror you’d go through for comfort for the rest of your life?

  3. Five million
    In the cold light of day, I don’t think I could go through with it. Unless I was unconcious of course…
    It is a lot of money.

    • Re: Five million
      But the horse is already booked, and Sarah’s working on media sponsorship. Are you sure sweetheart? I mean – five million pounds…

  4. By the way, thanks
    Just a quick note to say thank you for the “Think and Get Rich” book. It’s very NLP in its suggestions, but in a rather breathless 1950’s style. I can just imagine the author narrating those old public service films about how to climb ladders safely or the like.

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