My Motorcycle Accident

**exciting stuntman stuff**

So, I took a spill on Monday. I was off to Monk’s Cross to get some groceries, and the night was cold and wet, and as I slowed to approach a roundabout my back wheel slipped away. I skidded down onto my left side, and the bike slid out ahead of me. I was alright and in one piece, but instantly smashed out of my brains on adrenaline. Some people stopped to help, and I remember being about the most polite I’ve ever been. A lady out walking her dogs let me put the remains of the bike in her driveway and drove me home. I talked to the police, but unless there’s a serious injury or debris, they don’t really need to know.

**less frenetic, limping stuff**

I now have a massive bruise on my left hip, and am a bit limpy. I heard today from the garage that has my bike that it’s probably a writeoff. If so, I’m going to take the money and buy a car, I think.

Lesson for the day; motorcycles aren’t the ideal form of transport in wet, possibly verging-on-icy roads.

**Memories from better times**

![Steve’s Suzuki Bandit 600s](

WordPress experiences so far.

These are my initial impressions to using [Wordpress], the blog engine I’m now using for the site.

First some background; I’ve done web development before, so this is an area I’m comfortable with. Honestly, though, the only skills you need are the abilities to edit a text file and to use FTP.

Installation was actually really easy. Download the application from [Wordpress], edit a config file, upload everything, view a installation wizard on the web, and it’s up. So, getting hold of a basic site was really very simple, certainly compared to other blog engines and [cms’s][cms] I’ve tried

What’s really nice, though, is the ability to add themes and plugins. Themes are visual ‘stationary’ for the site, and there is a [master site][themes] which has loads of themes to choose from. just download a theme’s `zip` file, and unpack it into a `themes` folder, and it’s ready to go. [Plugins][] are about as easy, too; plugins provide some clever additions to the site. For example, I’m using the [slickr][] plugin to [show my flickr photos][photos], and [reCAPTCHA] to keep spambots out of my comments.


Markdown in wordpress

I’m just starting to use [markdown][md], a simple markup language that looks a lot like the old plaintext email syntax common on the early intarpipes.

Here’s how you write **bold** and _italics_, and
here’s how you write a link to [][scorg]


which turns into

Here’s how you write **bold** and _italics_, and here’s how
you write a link to [][scorg]


this words with [Wordpress] which powers this blog, and is also available as a little script to turn your plain ole text files into lovely html. Nice if you’re more comfortable using plain text over html. Or if, like me, you’ve got a huge chunk of stuff already written in it…


Is SF a genre?

Have you ever considered that science fiction may not be a genre?

People are always looking for ways to categorise art, and to group together things they like and things they don’t. It’s quite natural for people to lump together all the books with common elements.

I don’t want to try to offer a definition of sci-fi, but in common use, “sci-fi” is applied to books with speculative technology like nanotech, spacecraft, AI, or faster-than-light travel, or alien worlds or characters.

Problem is, that doesn’t really define what the story is about; is it a slasher movie, like Alien; a horror, like Event Horizon; a fairy tale, like Star Wars; or a kung-fu move, like The Matrix?

What I’m really wondering is, if someone says they like Science Fiction, what the hell do they mean? Have they told you anything about their tastes?

The two posts which inspired me;
– “What Do You Hate Most About Short Science Fiction
Hub Magazine’s post that alerted me to it.


I’ve been trying to roll my own blog software for far too long. Finally I’ve given in and let Google take over. Welcome to my new blog. You never know. Now that it’s easier for me to post, I might actually do so!