Secret Commie Santa III – your last chance

Secret Commie Santa is about to close up! Send me a message ASAP if you want in.

The current list of members;

  1. Ed Allison
  2. Steve Cooper
  3. John Denholm
  4. Olivia Denholm
  5. Brett Gibson
  6. Sarah Malaise
  7. Derek Muir
  8. Caro Partridge
  9. Ellen Phillips
  10. Greg Reynolds
  11. Wendy Reynolds
  12. Fleur Targett
  13. James Targett
  14. Clare Wall

[york] Secret Commie Santa III

Hi, all. Well, it’s early, but before any of you start buying presents…

Once again, I’ll be arranging a Secret Commie Santa. It’s a great way to get everyone in the York gang (and those crazies who have temporarily moved away) a really funky present for not much money.

The way it works is like this;

  • THE LIST! I gather a list of everyone who’s interested, and distribute the list of names out. If you’re in, you decide how much you’d like to contribute to the pot.
  • THE NAMES! I pick a name for each person to buy a present for.
  • THE SUGGESTIONS! Everyone gives me suggestions for presents.
  • THE MONEY! The pot is split equally, and everyone buys a present costing about that amount.
  • THE SLEIGHRIDE! Everyone brings their present to me, and I get them distributed before christmas to the right person.

This is our third time round; both previous attempts worked fantastically well. The pot ended up around £40-45 per person, and so everyone got a really funky present from the group. Verily, all was joyous and happy.

So; just send me an email ( telling me you’re in.

Do it now.