ToTo’s, 7pm

The table is now booked for Clare’s birthday. It’s 7pm at Toto’s. For those of you who don’t know where it is, take a look at the map; Toto’s Restaurant — It’s right next to the Barbican.


Hi, All. I’m looking for some opinions on my new webiste design; anyone fancies casting an expert eye over it?

Particularly, what do people think about the visual design? navigation, colours, images, &c.

Mindfire Software

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Final Call

Last chance to sign up for Clare’s birthday meal! I’ll be booking the table this afternoon, so get back to me quickly!

For those who have said they’re coming – I’ll post here and send an email with details as soon as we’re booked.

Storytime podcast?

I’m thinking that it would be cool, what with iTunes 4.9 supporting podcasts now, to start a short-story podcast. If you’re a writer, and you’ve got a short story you’d like promoted, I think it could be fun to record it to MP3 and send it out into the inkernet.

So, who’s interested? Wanna get heard? It’s a way to get published right now, and possibly heard by thousands of listeners. If we can get an iTunes slot (which shouldn’t be hard at all) you’ll probably get a hell of a lot of listeners for story.

I’m thinking the show would work like this;

* Intro jingle
* Introduction to the podcast
* Short Author’s Bio,
* website address and or email of the author
* The story itself
* reprise; how to contact the author
* outro jingle

Now, I’ve never podcasted before, but I’ve got the skillz to record it and publish it, if I can get the material. Who wants to be part of “Mindfire Storytime — stories with a spark of genius” 😉