Riffing on websites

So, I’m thinking a bit more about web sites – about ways to put together a site that just does everything that an organisation wants to deal with. I’m using ‘organisation’ as a general term because it applies generally to gaming groups, businesses, and really any community you can think of.

So, trying to blend some ideas together…


A terrible and vague sense of dissatisfaction with LJ

I’m feeling an itch to move my LJ to a nicer blogging system. I’d like to have some more control over the design, and generally a more advanced system I can modify and integrate and so on…

But, while I think I can handle the technology side, I really don’t want to lose my place in the LJ community. I’d like to remain on people’s friends pages, to get LJ people’s comments, etc.

So I was wondering – anyone know of a good way of cross-posting between LJ and another blog? To keep the two in sync, if possible? If it comes to it, anyone know of a technology underpinning LJ that might be used to do this?

Do you want to buy it?

It occurs to me that I’ve not been very forthcoming in explaining to people how they can actually get a hold of a copy of Ariadne. For a mere £15, you can get your own copy. Head over to GetAriadne.com annd click on the ‘Buy Ariadne Now!’ button. Alternately, you can pick up a copy in Travelling Man, York.

Progress! A second and third customer?

A friend from waaay back in the past has just emailed me about Ariadne. He designs stories for computer games for Trangnarion Studios in Spain, and he want to use it to plot the non-linear story of his computer game! He’s gonna get a copy, and so’s his boss. Which would make three customers! I’ll be rolling in cash! Mebbe.

All in all, what with Wey‘s brother and sister-out-law helping me with design, and actual customers paying actual money, well, today’s been a good day 😉

An actual designer, and everything!

wey has, fantastically, got in contact with her rather talented brother and he’s gonna be working with to produce some stuff for Mindfire and Ariadne! Here’s the news in wey‘s own words;

“I spoke to Dan and Caron his partner last night, and they’re keen to work with you on Ariadne – Dan on the design as discussed, with Caron overseeing it as an exercise in project management. They understand that you haven’t got any money, but both jumped on it as a portfolio opportunity. I’ve told Dan to email you asap to arrange to talk about concepts and timescales.”

Snaps for Wendy! 😉

A Progress Report for Ariadne

Hi, Everyone. Ariadne’s been getting quite a bit of attention, so I thought I’d post some information and about the program, especially where it is at the moment.

Version 1

At the moment, Ariadne is really a diagramming tool, allowing you to create pictures showing how all the plots in your story tie up. It’s a great way to get an overview of the story. One thing I’ve found is that a lot of people can go great guns through their story until about chapter three or four, and then things fizzle out. When people talk about this effect, I mainly hear that people lose track of the details, or that they aren’t able to steer the story properly. Ariadne’s diagram is one part of keeping track of the whole picture.

Version 2, and 3, and 4…

In the future, though, it’s gonna include lots more features for keeping hold of the many threads. (In fact, the name ‘Ariadne’ is from greek myth; she’s the daughter of King Minos who gives Theseus the thread, so he can find his way through the labyrinth.)

We’ll be including different types of diagrams like spider diagrams and mindmaps, some outlining and synopsis tools, a word processor, to-do lists so you can plan a writing schedule, etc. Lots and lots of stuff you can use to keep your head together. Since most people writing are writing part-time, knowing what you’re about is probably one of the trickiest things…

Of course, all of this is ‘when we can do it’. These things take time. Lots of time.

Who’s ‘we’?

I’m saying ‘we’, because Ariadne’s starting to get a team behind it. I’ve been on it for a year, doing everything, but now I’ve been joined by lots of folks who are eager to see Ariadne take off. I’ve got a team of about half-a-dozen people together, and we’re going to be splitting the many, many jobs among us. Hopefully, that’ll let me get back into code, which is where I really should be.

Neil Gaiman

Neil received the parcel yesterday morning, and hasn’t had time to play with it yet. But he says he’s really looking forward to it. I’ve gotta say a public thank-you to him here, because even though he hasn’t even installed it yet, his interest has kindled other people’s interests, and the whole project seems to have achieved this great momentum, and I’m really grateful to him for that.

So, here goes: Neil Gaiman. He’s a great guy, and he writes great stories. Go buy them. Spend all your money on his stuff (except £15 pounds, because there’s this bit of software you’d really like to buy, too 😉 )


Ariadne’s been available in Travelling Man York for a week, and it’s now available for purchase on getariadne.com, although trade is not yet brisk 😉 Version 1 is going for the very reasonable price of £15, which is only the cost of a DVD or a graphic novel or something. Very reasonable, when you think about it. Why not buy one today?

Learn more

Here are a few websites you might want to visit;

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