Ariadne Timeline Editor Demo?

I’m seriously thinking about releasing a drastically cut-down, but still useful version of Ariadne to writers I know. What I’m thinking of doing is releasing the timeline editor, which produces these sorts of charts, showing all the events in your story. It’s a core piece, and it’s useful as a replacement for post-its on the wall.

So, what I’d like to know from you guys is, would you like to see this bit right now, or wait for a more complete version?

If you want to be included on the Ariadne mailing list to get involved, leave me a comment (with your email address if you’re not certain I have it. Or email me at steve/at/stevecooper-dot-org


Ariadne Writer’s Studio software – newsletter

Hi, All. I’m putting together a list of people interested in hearing about my Ariadne Writer’s Studio software; I’ll be sending out a small number of irregular emails explaining where it’s at, what it can do, and where you can get betas and demos and such.

If you’re interested in getting free author’s software, or are interested in shaping it’s development, either leave me a comment with your email (which I’ll delete once I’ve noted it) or send me an email at the usual steve-at-stevecooper-dot-org address. The offer will be open about a week. Feel free to spread the word to author mates…