Does it take a certain kind of person to enjoy work, or is there a perfect job out there for everyone, do you think?

I see work as a way of funding the enjoyable bits of my life – It’s a bit dull, but they give me cash. Other people see their work as an incredibly satisfying endeavor – but is that only possible if you have a certain personality type? What’s the trick? Any ideas welcome.

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Fundamentally, I’d like the quality of my work to have a direct input on my income. So I don’t get paid for hours worked, but results. It’s then to my benefit to work really hard for short periods of time. You know how many days often have slack in them? If there was a point to compressing all the work down into, say, just the morning, I could have my afternoons free. Also, good ideas often lead to saving time and effort, so a job that rewarded results would encourage good ideas. Anyone suggest well-paying jobs that pay by results rather than time?


Writer’s groups?

Can anyone recommend any good mailing lists or forums for writers? Ideally, people dealing with large projects like novels and screenplays, rather than short stories, and particularly groups who talk about theory and structure?